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how a club gave birth

Posted on April 5th, 2010 by Kyle Hendrix

I bop my head to the bass to disguise the fact that I’m really not this brave.  I feel the energy around me, but is that all it takes to fit in? I’ve gone too far to retreat from my intensions now. Along with every other guy in here, I search for the first girl I think I have a chance to dance with. Who would of thought, that this one personal goal would quickly become a game?

I hope you’re still following me as I begin my journey through the nightlife. Now that I’ve been introduced with little advice; I chose to analyze every moment in a series of events. Therefore, you can find the reality in my fictional story. Though, there was nothing ever so real to me then the first time I was rejected. I can hardly see anyone from here. If I get closer to the dance floor I’ll feel stupid just standing around. It seems like there are people right behind my back waiting for me to move forward, so I do. It’s becoming hard to find someone to dance with and make my way through the crowd at the same time. I don’t know which is better. Then I realize I’m so out of it that I forgot my friend agreed to come with me on my search. I turn around to look at him for an answer. Suddenly, my hands are forced out of my pockets as I’m bumped into. I feel a tap on my shoulder. My bad bro. The person continues walking before I can say anything. To my left I catch my friend laughing at me. I smile and walk up to him. I’m fucking buzzing it man, but I want to dance! He starts laughing covering his face with one hand and shaking my hand with the over. I can tell he’s feeling the same way I am right about now.

You’re back now at the jack-off hour this is DJ, Eazy Dick
On W-Balls, right now, somethin new, by Snoop Doggy Dogg
And this one goes out to the ladies, from all the guys
A big bow wow wow, cuz we gonna make it a little mystery
here tonight, …
(Kurupt – Aint No Fun)

The energy I was talking about earlier is higher than ever now. This song instantly grabs everyone’s attention and gets the crowd hyped. It’s sort of funny how you can hear people beginning to sing along. It’s a throwback jam and it reminds me of flyer parties I used to go to. Another great thing about this song is that you don’t really need a partner to dance to it. Feeling confident, I begin to move my way through the crowd. I pause for a moment, and notice that in a short distance from me there are three girls dancing together. Here’s my chance. I quickly turn around and get my friends attention by pointing in they’re direction. Let’s go. We make eye contact before confronting them. As soon as we reach them, I put my arm around the girl nearest to me. I usually don’t do this, but I guess you can say the alcohol called the shots by this pointHey do you guys want to dance with me and my friend. One girl doesn’t even bother paying any attention to us and the one I had my arm around turns and shakes her head. The third chick tops it off by giving my friend a dirty look. …Ok. That was the only word I could think about saying. Everything suddenly felt still, as I look around at the people that witnessed our rejection. I shrug my shoulders at my friend and we get out of there as soon as we can. Then post up staring back at the dance floor. Unexpectedly, a voice behind me says “Hey!” A guy I’ve never met or scene before was trying to get my attention. I’m Confused, but I’m curious of what he has to say. I bend my neck back towards him to hear what he’s going to tell me.Don’t sweat it man. Those girls are stuck up as fuck. They turned me down earlier. I’ll always remember the next few words he said to me. They made me realize what having game really stood for and the advantages that came with it. You win some; you lose some, but we’re all here just to score. We both laugh knowing exactly what he meant. I think about it for a second then come to a conclusion. The night is still young, so I guess I’ll try better next time.

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To be continued…

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