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how a club gave birth

Posted on May 20th, 2010 by Kyle Hendrix
Things usually aren’t familiar to someone unless they were once looking for it. I stand still while my whole world is shaken by a sudden appearance. There in front of me stands the girl I’ve been crushing all throughout high school. I wish I could say I made my next decision on my own. Though, alcohol can make your confidence sky rocket; I’ve counted down too many years not to launch for the chance to talk to her now.  Only if I knew I could lift off so easily back when I tried so hard.

I’m sure you’ve become comfortable with my thoughts as you trail behind my words. I build a new path for what’s relative to each situation. The same way I twisted my words to make you fall behind is almost similar to the way my mind felt as she crawled into the back seat. Let’s just say “I wish I would have had a condom”…Have you ever asked yourself what’s worth it? I really should have asked myself that question before things changed drastically…. Dude stop keeping me guessing; what happened? Did you smash or what? My friend really wants to know. I’m not sure if I should say anything. My pride can’t help but to show offChill chill let me tell you how it all happened. Before I can start explaining the story he stops me.I’m going to roll with them, but txt me dogg. We both start laughing as we shake hands. Then I put my head down in amazement. Shit, I guess that guy was right. Everyone is here to score. I slouch against the front seat, while my friend turns up the music. My buzz is starting to fade off, so try to get any little drop out of the 40z I drank before the club. Minutes later I receive a txt. So wtf ? Tell me haha.

“Back to get wreck
All respect to those who break their neck to keep their hoes in check
Cause oh they sweat a brother majorly
And I don’t know why, your girl keeps paging me
She tell me that she needs me, cries when she leaves me
And every time she sees me, she squeeze me, lady take it easy!” -Tupac Shakur

I’m speechless. I stare at my phone wondering how I should start this txt. It’s a pretty big deal to us. After all, she was the hottest chick in our high school. Ayo turn this shit up!

“And ain’t no need in being greedy
If you wanna see me dial the beeper number baby when you need me
And I’ll be there in a jiffy
Don’t be picky, just be happy with this quickie
But when you learn, you can’t tie me down
Baby doll, check it out, I get around” –Tupac Shakur

The song inspires me to txt him back. Alright, so I had just got rejected. I was sort of pissed, so I walked to the bathroom to take a leak and I spotted her. She was kinda by the …Wait, should I tell him how it all started. Damn I’m losing my train of thought. What was I going say? Oh yeah…bathrooms too. I didn’t want her to see me walking in, so I acted stupid and stood by the wall. I felt like an idiot man. That was until she walked up and started talking to me. I’m not gonna lie bro. I fuckin froze up. But, to make a long story short we danced and she told me she was buzzing it too. Supposedly, her phone died and she wanted to charge it in her car. So we started talking and kissing and next thing you know I was in HEAVEN! Lol… I didn’t think twice before hitting send.

The next morning I’m awakened by the sound of my dogs barking. I wipe my eyes and attempt to get up. Suddenly, I feel my head really heavy followed by small annoying sting. Damn, my head is killing me. Turning to the left, I notice it’s already 12:11pm. I forced myself out of bed and walk to the restroom. The image in the mirror looks like a complete stranger. My face is swollen and my eyes have bags under them. After brushing my teeth; I wash my face and walk back towards my room. You look like shit. My little brother doesn’t hesitate to make me feel worst. As soon as I get inside my room; I close the door and lay back down face first. I feel something on my stomache and reach for it. It’s my cell phone. I skim through the messages and smile as I notice I didn’t read my friends reply last night.
Damn foo…I didn’t want to tell you back in school because you were so into her, but she’s been around. PLEASE tell me you used a condom. Props though. She’s pretty hott.
I pause for a minute. Then think back to our conversation in the car. All I can remember are pictures of moments. My world suddenly stops when i realize Fuck…She probably lied when she said I was only her second. Why did I trust her?

“Cause a groupy bit the truth and told a lie” – Tupac Shakur

we subtract ourselves
while adding our losses
(sum + )marized
as well as
(less – )ons
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