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The Gooniees 101

Posted on June 11th, 2010 by Kyle Hendrix

The Gooniees 101 by wearenightowls - written by Gemik Quotes, photos taken by Kyle Hendrix

The Gooniees are an influential duo unlined by their intentions to combine each of their musical talents into one genetic sound. It is said that you will never get similar first impressions from these two DJs. This is because you don’t know what to expect from The Gooniees. Their name originated from the 1985 adventure-comedy film “The Goonies”, which fits their characteristics without question in a spontaneous way. If you are ever get the chance to hang out with these guys you would know exactly what I’m talking about.  They’re your typical skaters with an “I don’t give a fuck” attitude and rockstar lifestyle that music helps maintain. The Gooniees are personal friends of mine and I know by experience that they love entertaining their fans, while trashing one hotel at a time.

listen to the goonies – truffle shuffle

One Sunday afternoon I decided to sit down and interview The Gooniees to get a summary of what their path was like becoming popular DJs. I began by addressing frequently asked questions. In all honesty, the interview took several hours because we kept getting caught up playing call of duty and contemplating if we should by drinks or not. Kyle from wearenightowls.com reminded us why we were there by taking pictures of the confrontation. Therefore, I decided to get straight to the point by asking them when they began Djing and what made them interested. Levi paused the game and said “we started a year ago in 2009 because everyone made it seem like it was hard”. I looked back at Robert and he nodded his head in agreement. This came as a surprise to me because a year isn’t a long time to obtain the skill they currently have. I then recognized them as talented and continued asking questions, but before I could get a response The Gooniees began reminiscing. I listened, as they talked about how they started off Djing at house parties for three months, before being booked to a club named Disko Wreck. We all started laughing when Robert says “we didn’t get to go on because we didn’t know what Serato was” because most Dj’s make the same mistake when starting off. After feeling embarrassed from their first attempt; The Gooniees learned how to use Serato and were booked at another club named Owned, which they say was their first actual booking. When witnessing the crowd’s reaction they realized that they wanted to become well known for entertaining. Now that we were all more focused on the interview, I asked them when they thought they were first being noticed and after arguing about it for a few minutes, they came to the conclusion that it was at a mansion party event in the city of Temecula. Soon after that event, people started helping them get bookings, which lead up to their first real gig at Gotham City. This was the turning point in the beginning to their Djing career. Two weeks later Dj Rowdy A contacted them and asked The Gooniees to become residents. The start to a road of music, clubs, parties, and fame erupted as they were recognized for their unique style of music and marketable image. The Inland Empire was well aware who The Gooniees were and word got out further than they ever thought it would. For example, they were being contacted for bookings on the other end of California and eventually out of state. Robert loved the attention and Levi was looking forward to living the rock star lifestyle he always wanted. My final question for The Gooniees was what their goals are for the future and they replied at the same time by saying “being signed under a record label”. I have been good friends with these guys this past year, but I never took the time to ask about the history behind their music. On the other hand, I am familiar with the trials and tribulations that came with their new way of life, but they prefer to keep that unsaid, until they feel the world wants to know their in-depth story in due time.

Music follows the insight to our lives


The sound of our thoughts

-Gemik Quotes

Random Facts about The Gooniees:

Everyone loves their long hair

Their old skate crew was named The Gooniees

Levi used to look like a gangster

Robert always buys jack in the box for everyone

Levi wanted to name them AK-47

They have back up Gooniees in case anything goes wrong

Robert likes watching Timothy DeLaGhetto on you tube

They’re not brothers, but act like it


NEFF – clothing

R2G2 – clothing, tattoo art

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