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Posted on December 6th, 2010 by Kyle Hendrix

Recently, we were approached by the one and only DJ 2CAN with an opportunity to make our very first music video. We set up a meeting and decided this project was one we wanted to take on as a team. Knowing we didn’t have the knowledge or the ability to do it on our own, we called up our boy crazychrisfilms to help. Everything that happened after was a wrap–we made an amazing video, some new friends, and the owl crew got even bigger.

Moral of the story: Never doubt yourself or be afraid to step out of your comfort zone creatively. Try to push yourself to new limits and always continue the grind which keeps us moving from day to day. There are two kinds of people in life–the ones that dream it, and the ones that do it. The only thing separating those two types of people is the drive for success–or AMBITION.

If actions speak louder than words, then Jentry “Ambition” Salvatore is undeniably being heard. Blessed with an unfortunate childhood, Ambition uses his experiences growing up as a gateway to reach out to others. Through his music he exposes the problems of the poverty stricken areas while also presenting solutions.

Born and raised in Riverside, California, the Southside streets exemplify the power and truth behind Ambition’s lyrics. As a rough neighborhood to be raised, it was clear to Ambition that the only way out was through positive force- and music.

He began disc jockeying and choreographing in 2004, which then lead him into rapping, merging him into being one of the first Italian rap artists to hit main stream. For the next several years, Ambition’s drive for success increased, just as his buzz in Southern California did, too.

As 2010 approached, Ambition began working with well-known producer “Fingazz” on his first single, “Unbelievable”. Right before his 21st birthday, “Unbelievable” hit the air, and immediately began receiving plays from several cities including Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Francisco, and all across the Inland Empire. The video for ”Unbelievable” airs early December, following the release of his second single “Rock the Globe” in January, along with his highly anticipated street album “Stuck In Traffic.”

With two tours, two successful mixtapes, and not to mention the plethora of artists he has performed with (E-40, Snoop Dogg, Doug E Fresh, Nelly, Glasses Malone, Omarion, Audio Push, Sly Boogie, Pitbull , Sean Kingston, and Busta Rhymes just to name a few), he continues to climb the ladder of success, and has definitely been paying dues. Keep an eye/ear out for AMBITION in 2011.

You can find UNBELIEVABLE on iTunes, and more information about AMBITION on his website at AmbitionsWorld.com.

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